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In this process the single elements, in particular the backs, are planed. Great care is taken in this process to obtain the appropriate smoothness to enhance the polishing process. The removal of wood must be balanced, the surface must be homogenous without granules and the product must be practically flawless.


The carefully finished pre-assembled parts are joined together to form the frame of the product. In this phase, as in pre-assembly, the glue is carefully dosed to adequately fix the components. During the assembly phase the stability, levelling and perfect symmetry of the product are carefully checked.


This is the last major process before the final assembly. Great care and attention to detail are the characterising elements of this phase which is carried out by experienced workers. This process has the aim of embellishing the product but also protecting the wood to avoid deterioration.


A department of the company is entirely dedicated to this phase in which the frame is padded and upholstered. Webbing and springs are skilfully fixed by hand to guarantee the best resistance of the seats over time. A great variety of fabrics are available and are continuously updated.

Polishing and lacquering

Polishing is a necessary operation in order to preserve the wood; lacquering entails the homogenous application, on the entire surface of the product, of "coats" of varnish in the required colour to give luminosity and add decorative effects to the product. There are different types of lacquering processes, from the classic one that uses nitro-based products to the ecological one that uses water-based products, up to the application of precious silver or gold leaf. Lacquering requires great skill to avoid undulations or other unpleasant effects on the product surface.

Final quality control check and delivery

Each product is carefully checked at the end of every production. In this final phase each item is meticulously checked for defects and to make sure that the products meets customer requirements. A detailed check-up is carried out to check that the quality of the finish, upholstery and frame satisfy the standards required for all Seven Sedie products. Once the product has successfully passed these checks it is packaged, labelled and stored in the warehouse ready for delivery.